Build your home–and life–at Emerson Crossing.

For those looking to make their home in Troy, Denlinger & Sons is creating Emerson Crossing, a new, thoughtfully designed, residential development featuring a collection of beautiful homes in a comfortable, welcoming neighborhood.

As a community, Emerson Crossing was inspired by the values of a simpler time, and its name, as well as the names of its streets, serve as a tribute to a rich 19th century American literary culture that emphasized the importance of human harmony with nature. And so we designed, into our community, 21 acres of green space with native grasses and pollinator plants, three ponds and walking trails throughout the neighborhood.
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Explore the neighborhood at Emerson Crossing

Explore the Neighborhood.

Emerson Crossing features two neighborhoods, Emerson Commons and Emerson Village, each offering the highest quality home options to meet homebuyers’ needs.

Emerson Crossing Lots

Emerson Commons

Allows for larger lots and home square footage, which is ideal for new and growing families.
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Emerson Village

Offers smaller lots and floorplans, perfect for those looking to downsize, but maintain the details of a nice family home.
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Emerson Crossing Lots

Emerson Crossing

Explore the endless possibilities and make your dream home your forever home.

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